Principles of Instruction and Learning - Web Quest

Behavioral Theory
Cognitive Theory
Social Learning Theory


What is a Web Quest?

A Web Quest is an instructional tool.

This is a Web Quest about the Three Learning Theories: Behavioral Learning Theory, Cognitive Learning Theory, and Social Learning Theory.

Each component of this Web Quest contains an Introduction section, Task section, Process section, Resources section, Evaluation section, and Conclusion section.

You can advance through this Web Quest by the menu at the left. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the concept map in the upper left hand corner.

What is learning?

This knowledge base is about understanding learning and instruction and how they are related.

When we started this course, we were asked to develop a concept map of the three learning theories. We were also asked to write a reflection paper on what we thought learning is. Here is what I thought before this course began and my initial concept map is below:

After developing this knowledge base, I have revised my thoughts here as per the many resources we discussed. My concept map has also been revised slightly, as my understanding deepened. The new concept map is below and I have used it for the "Home" link on each page of this knowledge base.