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Learning Example

(Learning example explained in Cognitive and Social Learning theories.)

Staff members often need to use a laptop and projector to make a presentation to a large group. It is necessary to connect the equipment for this presentation. The instructor needs to teach the staff how to connect the laptop and projector.

A short training session will be held to instruct staff how to set up the laptop and projectors. The instructor will provide the user with a "How To" guide to follow along during the instruction, as well as to refer back to after the instruction.

Lesson Plan


The following lesson plan is used to instruct the learner (click to enlarge):

The instructor will begin by stating the objective of how to use a projector and laptop for a presentation. It is necessary for the learner to be able to successfully connect the equipment without the need for assistance. The learner is a faculty or staff member, so they are motivated to learn the task to more effectively present to a large group using a projector and laptop.
The instructor will start by introducing the laptop and its connections, as most of the learners are familiar with the basic laptop usage.

The following "How To" guide will be given to each of the learners:

The instructor will point out the necessary ports that the learner is familiar with: video port, power port, and the USB port. Then the instructor will point out the parts of the projector and how they relate to the laptop. The instructor will connect the projector to the laptop and turn on the equipment.
The instructor will then allow the learner to connect a projector and laptop, providing step by step instructions. Following each instruction, the instructor will verify the success of the step and offer praise where deserving. Once the projector and latop are connected, the equipment will be turned on to verify the connections.
The instructor is going to allow the learner to keep the "How To" guide for later reference. The learner is also presented with a certificate of training completion.

Behavioral Observation Checklist

Can you identify the following events of instruction in the learning example?
Can you identify the objective of this instructional session?
Does the instruction involve teaching a behavior change?
Can you identify a "shaping" of the behavior change by the instructor?
Does the instructor offer reinforcement for an observable change in behavior?
When is reinforcement provided?
How often is reinforcement provided?
Are the learners motivated by the positive feedback provided by the instructor?
Are the learners motivated by the intrinsic reinforcer of job accomplishment?
Will the learner continue to be motivated by the accomplishment of the task?